Mr. Tran Anh Dzung (Cold-form Foreman) and Mr. Nguyen Van Xuat (Sheet & Trim Lead-man) were awarded at the Hanoi Conference appraising core enterprises and entrepreneur and “initiatives and creativeness” 2012, organized by the Hanoi People’s Committee and the City Trade Union.

The award ceremony was held on 24th of July at the Hanoi Culture & Friendship Center. One hundred  individuals with 100 innovative works, which have made profit of  100 billion Vietnam dong or more were granted with certificates for Initiatives and Creativeness by the Hanoi People’s Committee.

Mr. Tran Anh Dzung is the foreman of the Zamil Steel Buildings Vietnam Cold-form section with section. He proposed his employer some section with creative ideas for fabricating the “standard clip 15- 0211”. Instead of manufacturing the clip through normal steps like cutting & punching separately, he has found a way to group all in one step at one time. Besides, when applying this new method, the quantity of material is significantly reduced, while also saving lots of time for fabricating the semi-finished product.

Mr. Nguyen Van Xuat is the foreman of the Sheet & Trim section of Zamil Steel Buildings Vietnam. He proposed his employer some, with creative ideas in louver detailing which helped to reduces significantly number of man hours used for fabricating louvers. This idea also contributed in saving materials, and increasing the safety and strength of the product.