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    MaxSEAM® Roof System

    MaxSEAM® Roof System


    What is MaxSEAM® Roof System ?


    MaxSEAM® Roof System

    MaxSEAM® Roof System

    The application of Standing Seam Roof system (SSRs) have been one of the most exciting breakthroughs in roofing technology in the last 30 years. For the past few years, they have been widely used in almost 50% of all low-rise commercial, industrial and institutional buildings across United States, Europe and other regions. SSRs have also proven to be the most efficient, effective and value-for-money roofing systems for construction in rainy, windy and tropical regions.

    The Zamil Steel MaxSEAM® roof system is one of the strongest and most weather-tight standing seam roof systems available in the industry today

    The product features a 360-degree seam along the side laps of the panels; a special type of sliding clip and a carefully engineered system for improving strength, durability and resistance to weather.

    The MaxSEAM® roof system acts as a monolithic membrane that completely protects your building, and is the most recommended roof system for tropical, rainy, snowy or high wind (cyclonic) regions.

    Building with MaxSEAM® roof system

    Building with MaxSEAM® roof system

    Using Zamil Steel’s Super SEAMER machine, the side laps of adjacent panels are seamed together, creating a 360 degree. double-lock seam, which has machine-applied mastic to ensure a secure, weather tight leak-proof joint. To increase weather-tightness level of this roofing system, the end laps could be eliminated by rolling MaxSEAM® panels on site, using a mobile roll former.

    With our mobile roll former, the standard MaxSEAM® panels have a maximum length of 11.5 meters when they are roll formed in-house, while they can reach a length up to 100 meters when rolled on site.


    Why choose MaxSEAM® Roof System ?


    • Weather-tightness

    MaxSEAM® assures adequate drainage from rain and snow.

    Designed as a water barrier, the raised seam assists drainage,  while the end laps, inside closure, outside closure, tri-bead mastic, along with the machine-applied sealant (inside the seams), increase the lap tightness further.

    • Thermal Movement & Leakage Prevention

    The fastening system of MaxSEAM® is designed to handle the potentially damaging effects of thermal movement (especially heat expansion).

    The system features a sliding clip which slides between the base components and intermediate components to eliminate binding and offers greater flexibility for durability and thermal movement, while also minimizing the probability of leakage.

    Unlike most other SSR systems, the gables at both ends of the roof finish with a 76 mm high standing seam, instead of finishing in the low, flat part of the panel, where the greatest possibilities for leaks occurs.

    • Cost Effectiveness

    The life cycle cost of the MaxSEAM® roof system is lower than any other steel panel roof system. Using Zincalume coated steel, its life expectancy is longer since less maintenance is required.

    • Quality Tests

    Uplift ratings

    Carries UL90 Uplift ratings and covers a wide range of installation procedures, MaxSEAM® has met all test requirements as specified in CEGS 07416 Standing Seam Metal Roofing System Guide Spec.

    FM Global Approval for MaxSEAM® Roof System

    FM Global Approval for MaxSEAM® Roof System in 2008

    FM Global Approved

    Tested under ASTM E1646 “Standard Test Method for Water Penetration through Exterior Metal Roof Panel System” and ASTM E1680” Test Method for Rate of Air Leakage through Exterior Metal Roof Panel System”, MAXSEAM® has achieved FM Global’s Approval as a Class 1 Roof Panel in 2008.

    Under the same certification, MaxSEAM® also meets Class 1-SH hail damage requirements and ‘Class 1A Fire Classification when installed at a maximum roof slope of 5 in 12 (42%).

    High-Quality Materials

    MaxSEAM® panels are available in 0.5 mm – 18” panel width Zincalume coated steel.

    The Panels conform to ASTM A729M Grade 345B and are coated with a protective layer of Zincalume (55% aluminum, 1.6% silicon and 43.4% Zinc) alloy coating (150g/m² on both sides).

    The steel panels are available in 0.53 mm (nominal) bare Zincalume or 0.56 mm (nominal) – 24” panel width, exterior roofing and walling (XRW) pre-painted Zincalume. Please refer to Zamil Steel sales representatives for availability of non-standard colors and non-standard coating systems (Exterior Premium Durability- XPD or Polyvinyl Fluoride- PVF2). We can provide you different options for:

    1. Sketch of panels
    2. Physical properties
    3. Load tables
    4. Material specifications
    • Convenient Installation

    MaxSEAM® roof system is installed using MaxSEAM® Mobile Roll Former and SuperSEAMER machine.

    Using the Zamil Steel SuperSEAMER, the side laps of adjacent panels are seamed together through a mechanical action, creating a 360 deg. double lock seam, which has a machine applied mastic to ensure a secure and weather tight leak proof roofing system.

    After pre-seaming the start of the panels using a Seaming hand tool, the SuperSEAMER is then fitted on to the pre-seamed panel, adjusted and locked, before the rollers are activated to start the complete electric seaming process. With the simple and quick release handle, it only requires a very short time to move the SuperSEAMER from one seam to another. Weather-tight 360 deg. seams are made without affecting the panel paint finish.

    MaxSEAM® mobile roll former

    MaxSEAM® mobile roll former

    The MaxSEAM® mobile roll former will be used in case end laps are not preferred in the roofing system. The roll former machine weighs approximately 3.5 MT and can be transported to most jobsite via a container. With a roll forming capacity of between 12-15 m per minute, MaxSEAM® panels can be roll formed on site as a continuous panels for up to 100 m. Depending on the project size and requirements, Zamil Steel will consult with you for onsite-roll-forming of panels with length exceeding 50 meters.
    Zamil Steel has appointed Authorized Installers of MaxSEAM® (AIM’s) are assigned by Zamil Steel after having been adequately trained and experienced and possess the necessary facilities for installing MaxSEAM®. Zamil Steel strongly recommends that all MaxSEAM® roof systems should be installed only by one of our AIM’s.

    Contact Zamil Steel Buildings Vietnam for selecting an AIM in your region.


    How to build a MaxSEAM® Roof System with ZamilSteel ?

    Please contact ZamilSteel Vietnam for our advice. We are ready to answers any questions regarding your projects.
    Film the form and ZamiSteel Team will work out the details and contact you at the earliest.

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    MaxSEAM® is becoming the preferred roofing system for a growing number of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

    It is the most recommended roofing system for tropical, rainy, snowy or high wind (cyclonic) regions.

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