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    Installation & Construction


    Zamil Steel Buildings Vietnam provide complete installation services to of our steel buildings and structures, with professional Erection Coordinators (EC) assigned for site supervision of clients’ projects, regardless of size and location.

    Our EC’s will assist you, not only in receiving the materials on- site but to  supervise the complete planning and in execution of procedures to  ensure that your building is  erected in accordance with the Zamil Steel’s international safety and quality standards.

    Our scope of work involves:

    1. Receiving & analyzing engineering documents
    2. Pre- erection checks
    3. Container unloading & material receiving procedures at site, checking materials’ quality & quantity
    4. Erection of steel buildings in accordance with Zamil Steel’s international safety and quality standards. The whole process is following our standard Erection Procedures
    5. Inspection and Testing program
    6. Documentation, reports and handing over to customers
    7. Maintenance plan if required

    The safety and quality of our erection work should be ensured by engaging experienced and qualified Engineers, Supervisors and Technicians.

    The Quality Control are carried throughout various stages of erection process, starting from receipt inspection until the final handing over of the building. To ensure this, Standard Inspection and Testing Program (ITP) / Quality plan (or) a project specific Inspection and Testing Program – ITP / Quality Plan shall be followed.

    The Quality Plan as a minimum should contain the following:

    1. ITP – Inspection and Testing Program (Attachment I, 2 pages)
    2. Erection Inspection Checklist (EICL) (Attachment II, 3 pages)
    3. Method Statement
    4. Procedures and Inspection Forms referred in the ITP (Erect.03.03.R1)
    5. Bolt Tightening Procedure (Attachment III, 3 pages)
    6. Paint Touch up Procedure (Erect.03.03.R1)
    7. Site Organization chart including a dedicated qualified person for QC and Safety 34

    Erection shall not start without:

    • The submission of Quality Plan
    • Identifying a dedicated Quality and Safety Person
    • Conducting a Pre-Inspection Meeting (PIM)


    Environment, health & safety at work are key important to Zamil Steel Buildings Vietnam Co., Ltd.

    We do believe that safe working places and high environmental standards are preventing hazards and injuries while stimulating innovation and business opportunities.

    We do believe that most of the incidents and accidents relating to Safety and Environmentare preventable, in our factories, at all of our working places, including at construction jobsites.

    Our teams are committed to take care of their own safety when working at your jobsites, when visiting them or when visiting your working places.

    Our teams will also ensure that the sub-contractors, erectors, builders selected by Zamil Steel for erecting your pre-engineered buildings (PEB) and steel structures will work according to the highest possible EHS standards.

    Our goal is to achieve “zero incident” at our own and at our customers’ working places.

    Steel is a recyclable material. We are committed to minimize as much as possible our production rejects, and to contribute to recycling our wastes as much as we can.

    Once your building is complete, Zamil Steel recommends customers to follow our maintenance recommendations. By doing so, you will substantially enhance the life of your investment.

    The frequency of maintenance is dependent upon the environmental zone in which the building is located. This might involve:

    • Exterior Maintenance
    • Accessories Maintenance (Cranes, doors, power vents, etc.)

    A Periodic Maintenance Log Book shall be maintained for each client. All maintenance dates are recorded and signed by our maintenance staff.

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