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    Designing & Engineering


    With highly experienced team of engineers, Zamil Steel offers design solutions for pre-engineered steel buildings, steel structures, and high-rise buildings. Through best practices, Zamil Steel has engineered, fabricated and supplied over 6,000 steel buildings in Vietnam and Asia-Pacific region.

    We’re operating 2 engineering offices in Vietnam with more than 100 qualified, professionally trained engineers. Our team utilize cutting-edge contemporary engineering software for structural analysis and detailing, providing you the highest quality and the most cost-efficient building solutions that suit your specific application. Zamil Steel’s global engineering team will also be involved in the case of more complex designs, regardless of size and location.

    All of our engineers are trained to the latest Design Codes, which involves converting complex and expensive conventional steel building designs into simpler and more economical-designed pre-engineered steel buildings without sacrificing the structural integrity and safe function of these buildings. The entire process is computerized, networked and monitored via our in-house controlling system.

    Our design calculations are comprehensive and easy to understand, with explanations and references precede every part of the calculations, allowing your consultants and other involved parties to understand every detail of the designed building.

    At Zamil Steel, we have designed and fabricated Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings that range in complexity from a simple warehouse, to over 100 meters clear-span aircraft hangar, or 4,500 Metric Tons complex steel rolling mill.

    • ASFAD (Advanced Steel Frame Analysis and Design)
    • AGOSED (Automatic Generator of Shop and Erection Drawings)
    • INTELEST (Intelligent Building Estimator)
    • EZ BUILD(Automatic Generator of Design Calculation, Estimation, and Approval Drawings)
    • EZ Detailer
    • EZ Estimate
    • Connection Design: RAM  & LIM
    • TEKLA
    • SAP 2000
    • STAAD Pro
    • American Codes:
      • ASCE7 (American Society of Civil Engineers): minimum design loads for buildings & other structures
      • (MBMA) Low Rise Building Systems Manual
        Metal Building Manufacturer’s
        Association, Inc.
      • (AISC) Manual of Steel Construction, Allowable Stress Design
        American Institute of Steel
        Construction, Inc.
      • (AISI) Cold Formed Steel Design Manual
        American Iron and Steel
      • (AWS) Structural Welding Code-Steel
        ANSI/AWS, D1.1-2010
        American Welding Society
    • British Codes: (British Standard Institution)
      • BS 5950: Part 1: 2000 Structural use of Steelwork in Building
        Part 1. Code of practice for design of Rolled and Welded sections.
      • CP3: Chapter 5: Part 2
        Code of basic data for the design of buildings (Wind Loads)
    • European Codes 
      • EN1991 Eurocode 1:  Actions on structures
      • EN1993 Eurocode 3 : Design of steel structures
      • EN1994 Eurocode 4 : Design of composite structures
      • EN1998 Eurocode 8 : Design for earthquake resistance
    • Other Codes used in the application of Wind and Seismic Loads:
      • UBC – Uniform Building Code
      • SEI/ASCE-7 – Structural Engineering Institute/American Society of Civil Engineers
      • Australia code
      • New Zealand code
      • American codes
      • ASEAN:
        • Vietnam
          • TCVN 2737-1995: Loads and effects
          • TCVN 5575-2012: Design of steel structures
        • Philippines:
          • NSCP-2015
        • Indonesia
          • Refer IBC2012
        • Singapore
          • EN (above)
        • Malaysia
          • EN (above)
        • Bangladesh
          • BNBC 2006
          • BNBC 2015
          • BNBC 2020
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