In supporting the National Week of Labor Safety and Hygiene 2013, from late March to early April 2013, Zamil Steel Buildings Vietnam’s Safety section has implemented important activities on Labor Safety and Fire Fighting and Prevention with the participation of all staff and the Management team.

In addition to banners, slogans on Labor Safety and Hygiene hanging broadly in crowded places, the company also organized a competition on Safety and Environmental Hygiene from March 23rd to 28th, with various valuable prizes for those who achieved the highest points.

The Contest not only helped the Company’s staff & workers to improve knowledge about Safety and Hygiene but was also an occasion for evaluate the result of annual training on this matter.

Nearly 70% contestantsgot 100% correct answers have proved that most of our staff have good understanding about Safety and Hygiene. This great success was expected to decrease the number of labor accidents, occupational diseases and maintaining awareness of our staff on hygiene in working place and environmental protection.