October 13, 2016 — Zamil Steel Buildings Vietnam Co., Ltd. has recently received the official Certificate of Accreditation from the Singapore Structural Steel Society, ranked in Category S1 for its two factories, one located in the Noi Bai Industrial Zone in Hanoi, and the other in the Amata Industrial Park in Dong Nai Province.

The Singapore Structural Steel Society was established in 1984 and has become one of the most prestigious associations for engineers, architects, consultants, industrialists and manufacturers in Southeast Asia. Its aim is to promote structural steel as the material of choice for the Singaporean construction industry.

In its 33 years, the Society has grown to become a favorite international forum in which its members and guests collaborate in different activities focused on structural steel construction, such as research, analysis, design and fabrication.

Since 2001, the Society has developed an accreditation scheme for structural steel fabricators, which was supported by the Singaporean Ministry of National Development and the Building and Construction Authority. The Accreditation Scheme aims to grade structural steel fabricators based on their track records, financial status, technical capability and the standards of their fabrication plants. Grading is done in four categories, ranking from S4 to S1. S1, the highest level, indicates that fabricators have the highest manufacturing capabilities with the strongest track records and financial status.

Over the years, this accreditation scheme has ensured the quality of numerous structural steel construction works in Singapore, and its standards have been followed by many constructors in Southeast Asia.

Zamil Steel Buildings Vietnam Co. Ltd received its first Singapore Structural Steel Society Certification of Accreditation in 2007, ranked in the S1 category. In striving for greater development and higher innovation over the years, the company has always ranked among S1 accredited fabricators, having made it through the society’s strict surveillance audit every year.

This year, with a renewed S1 Certificate for both factories, Zamil Steel Buildings Vietnam is proving worthy of the company’s leading position, which it has maintained over the past decade in the Southeast Asia construction market. The company is ready to move forward and penetrate more challenging markets with this valued achievement.

Zamil Steel Buildings Vietnam is visible in the Singapore Structural Steel Society’s list of accredited S1 steel fabricators at: http://www.ssss.org.sg/index.php?option=com_wrapper&view=wrapper&Itemid=66