Laced column

Laced column system is a type of built-up columns used for some special design of industrial buildings, either as posts for cladding or as columns supporting for crane girder. These members provide relatively light structures with large inertia, and generally intended for large, tall structures where the compression members are long and subjected to heavy loads.

Generally for this type, the columns are lighter and easier for welded or bolted with gusset which minimize fabrication cost and easier for installation. Lacing arrangements (E.g: N-shape, V-shape or X-shape) however might affect the complexity of fabrication, for which N-shape and V-shape are cheaper and more commonly used.

The below photos feature the fabrication of the column systems which are part of an ongoing mega-scale project supplied by Zamil Steel Buildings Vietnam Co., Ltd.

The project consists of 40m-tall building which houses 125MT crane systems, for which V-shape laced column systems are utilized to increase the length of the compression chords and diagonals while also providing reduction of buckling resistance of the members.


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Laced Columns

Laced Column by Zamil Steel

Laced Column by Zamil Steel

Laced Column by Zamil Steel