Our steel buildings are shipped using two methods: inland transport and sea transport.

  • Inland transport is chosen when delivering buildings to destinations within Vietnam and other locations that can be easily reached by trucks
  • Sea transport is used mainly for shipping to destinations outside of Vietnam with our building parts shipped in 40 foot-containers. With the convenience of sea transport, our products can reach almost anywhere in the world

We recognize that sea shipments to overseas ports may incur the risk of damage during loading/unloading, so we always strive to reduce the break-bulk shipment while avoiding any inconvenience to customers

Tedious and time- consuming work involved loading and unloading into and from dry containers is no longer an issue thanks to our experience in logistic managements, for which the whole process is handled in a much easier, quicker, economical and damage-free way.

Over the past few years, our Shipping & Logistics Department has been understanding and satisfying our clients’ concerns by keeping sea freight charges to most port destinations unchanged despite the big fluctuation of the world’s fuel price and freight cost. Our efforts have been recognized by customers by our customers as we always aim to maximize our clients’ results and benefit.